Concrete or Blancmange?

Can you dig it?

No – don’t let the title fool you – This isn’t a blog post about one of my recipes gone wrong! It was the best description I had heard for trying to work with clay soil on Sundays’ Gardeners’ Question Time and they were right! They were also correct in saying that it is very fertile soil (when you can work it!) Having left two patches of the veg. garden lie fallow throughout the hot summer months, It was necessary to ‘turn them over’ before I can plant my winter crops. This task was made a lot easier a couple of years ago when we invested in a cultivator/soil tiller.

Would it look better in the Repsol/Honda colours??

After the usual hours spent researching which of the many models available would best suit our needs, we headed to a local dealer who proceeded to give the full sales pitch to Phil. When he offered a full demonstration of the chosen article, he was not quite sure how to react as Phil explained that it would be better if I wielded said object around the yard as I would be the one using it. At first he thought we were joking, but then gave Phil that look(you know the one that blokes give each other from which says ‘is this for real?’) I swear he was going to award Phil the ‘Man of the Year’ award right there and then! Anyway – It has made my life so much easier – it now only takes a couple of hours to achieve what used to take, well, days! And not only that, Ladies, pay attention, It is one of the best work-outs I have known. To get the best results whilst ’tilling’ requires that weight be applied to the machine, doing this with my meagre  55 kilos takes some effort – but it’s great for the abs, glutes and thighs! And as for ‘bingo-wings’? Say ‘cheerio’ to them too, the vibration from the machine takes care of those! Then there is the raking to get the stones out and levelling the soil – more ‘toning’ for the abs and glutes.

Ready to go!

But what I now have – aside from aching arms and a tender tush – is an area for my beans, peas, spinach, cabbage and cauliflower seeds to plant – just as soon as it stops chucking it down with rain! And, of course, a well deserved gin & tonic!

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