Bootleg Baileys – A Recipe

This is as close to a Christmas post as you’re going to get from me, so enjoy!
Many years ago (I was going to say ‘a few’ – then realised how long it had actually been!) four friends sat in a pub just south of Midhurst, waiting for the weekly quiz to start. A piece of paper was passed from one of the group to another – in much the same way as notes used to be passed around the classroom.
“What’s this?” I asked.
“Shhh!” my friend replied, “I stole his mother’s recipe for Bootleg Baileys,” giving a nod in the direction of her husband, “He wouldn’t be happy if he knew I’d passed it on, you know how the monster-in law likes to boast about her ‘secret recipe’ at Christmas parties!”
“Oh! OK – thanks, I won’t let on.”
I think sufficient time has now passed for me to share it with you:
What you will need:
A mixing bowl
A whisk or blender
An empty 1 litre bottle
A funnel
A teaspoon


2 teaspoons instant coffee
2 teaspoons cocoa powder
A few drops of boiling water
1 tin sweet condensed milk
2 large eggs
A few drops of vanilla essence
500ml double or whipping cream
1 – 2 wine glasses Irish whisky

Dissolve the cocoa and coffee in the mixing bowl with a few drops of boiling water (not too much – we don’t want to be accused of watering down our drinks, do we?). Empty the tin of condensed milk into the bowl along with the vanilla essence. Break the two eggs into the mixing bowl and beat the mixture until all the ingredients are combined. Add the whisky and cream to the mixing bowl and beat the mixture until it is smooth & creamy. Pour the mixture into the bottle. Store in the fridge. I am told that it will keep for up to two months, if kept refrigerated, but I have never had any that has lasted more than a couple of days -¡Salud!

Obviously, you can tinker with this recipe to suit your own tastes. Here are a few ideas that I have tried:
• Leave the whisky out for a non-alcoholic version.
• Reduce the amount of whisky if you want to get anything done for the rest of the day don’t   like your drinks too strong.
• Replace the whisky with Tia Maria for a very sweet version.
• Replace the whisky with another spirit/liqueur – I particularly like using Liqor de Bellota – a local liqueur made with acorns.
• Leave out the cocoa and/or coffee if you don’t like them (I have a friend who    hates chocolate!)
• Pop it in a plastic container and shove it in the freezer – Baileys ice cream!
• I once made some chocolate ‘cups’ and filled them with the ‘Baileys’ – A nice touch at a dinner party.
As dulce de leche is readily available here in Spain – I am going to try making some with a tin of it in place of condensed milk – I’ll let you know how it turns out.
The original piece of paper is still around – it can be seen in the ‘ingredients’ photo – for those who care.
This post was originally going to be titled “Milk & Alcohol” because that is, essentially, what Baileys is made from; and if you need more of a ‘feel good factor’ from it, I prescribe this:

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    • Ooh – Camp coffee! That brings back some memories, I can tell you – I bet it tasted great? Thanks for stopping by, Barbara 🙂

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