“Life is just a bowl of cherries”

I finally gave in this morning. I bought my first punnet (this season) of Picota Cherries from the fruteria in the village. They were still hellish expensive (nearly €3 a kilo), but I could no longer resist my favourite fruit. The only problem I have right now is this: Do I sit here & eat the lot? Or do I go & make something with them, so I can take photos & share a recipe?
………………..Time passes……………………….
OK! You win! Here is a recipe that you may want to try:
Brandied Cherries
What you will need:
Medium-sized saucepan
Measuring Jar
Small (preserving) jar(s)
Needle (or small skewer)
450g (1lb) cherries (washed)
225g (8oz) sugar
1 cinnamon stick
150ml (1/4 pint) brandy (approx)

Prick the cherries all over with a needle (or small skewer)
Make a light syrup by dissolving 100g (4oz) of the sugar in 300ml (1/2 pint) water
Add the cherries & cinnamon stick and poach gently for 4 to 5 minutes
Remove the pan from the heat and drain the cherries – reserving the syrup in a bowl – remove the cinnamon stick
Wait for the fruit to cool – then arrange in small jars
Return  the reserved syrup to the pan
Add the remaining sugar and dissolve it slowly
Bring to the boil and boil to 110°C (230°F), then allow to cool
Measure the syrup and add an equal quantity of brandy
Pour over the cherries
Seal the jar(s)
Serve as an accompaniment to any dessert – I, personally, like popping a couple on top of a cherry cheesecake.
Bonus Bi-product: Cherry brandy to accompany your dessert.
If you would like to improve your Spanish, you can get some more cherry recipes by clicking here.

8 thoughts on ““Life is just a bowl of cherries”

  1. Love that recipe Sue – have a large cherry tree at the huerto, they’re just turning colour now but are hellishly high to harvest – the birds love them and will probably get the pick of the bunch, that’s okay too though!

  2. I’ve just eaten 49 cherries in about 15 minutes. I might eat a few pounds of cheese along with some biscuit crumbs so that I’ve sort of had a cherry cheesecake.

    Great tip!

    • Let’s see, Josh…..Cherries, check…………cheese, check…………..biscuits, check – yup, that sounds like a cherry cheesecake to me! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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