My name is Sue. My partner Phil and I moved here to Extremadura in 2007; this blog – and Phil’s, which is here – are a catalogue of our adventures here in rural Spain.

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Glad you did because it meant I discovered yours. What lovely things you’ve blogged about. The apricot jam recipe looks gorgeous! They must taste so much better where you are. Thanks for your interest in my Picota cherry post. I’d love it if you voted for me (link at bottom of post). All the best, Leah x

    • Likewise, Leah! I have voted for you – best of luck – It’d be great if you go to visit Extremadura – I think you’ll love it!
      I’ve been poking around your blog – love what you’re doing there!
      all the best, Sue x

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