Fruit Fool

Here’s a really quick and easy variation on an English classic:
What you will need for two servings (simply increase the quantities if you need more):
Fruit (I used cherries)
200ml (1/3 pint) whipping cream
Sugar (optional)
Mixing bowl (or food processor)
Ramekins (1 for each serving)

Pour the cream into the mixing bowl
Start to whip the cream and add a couple of tablespoons of the sugar (if you want)
Whip until the cream forms stiff peaks
Wash and stone the fruit, discard the stones
Fold the fruit into the cream
Split the mixture between the ramekins
Pop the ramekins into the fridge for a couple of hours
Serve (maybe with a couple of brandied cherries on top?)
I told you it was quick & easy, didn’t I?
Works well with most soft fruit – why not try it with whatever is in season?

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