Loquat Jam

What you will need: a very large saucepan (or preserving pan), scales, a bucket of water, a bowl/bucket for the skins.

I had 5kg of loquats – you may adjust the recipe accordingly. Firstly wash the loquats then leave them in a bucket/washing-up bowl of water.

Peel the loquats, putting the skins in another bowl. Remove the stone(s) and leave them in the water. The flesh of the fruit should be weighed before putting into the saucepan with the juice of 2-3 lemons. I ended up with 2.75kg of fruit. Add a little water (to prevent the fruit from sticking to the pan) and simmer for about 20 mins – or until the fruit is well softened.

Remove from the heat and add 2.25kg of sugar and a knob of butter (optional). Return to the heat and boil rapidly at between 94° and 104°C for 20-30 minutes – or until a setting point is reached. Jar and seal.

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