From Seville Airport:

The golden rule is to follow all signs to Mérida until you’re well clear of Seville (we’re only about 20km from Mérida, 200km north of Seville).

Get full directions here or follow these:

Get on E-5/A-4 from Calle Aeropuerto Viejo
1. Head west
2. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Aeropuerto
3. Sharp left onto Calle Aeropuerto Viejo
4. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Calle Aeropuerto Viejo
5. Keep left at the fork
6. Continue straight
7. Keep left at the fork and merge onto E-5/A-4
Continue on E-5/A-4 to Ronda Supernorte/SE-020. Take exit 535 from E-5/A-4
8. Merge onto E-5/A-4
9. Take exit 535 to merge onto Ronda Supernorte/SE-020 toward I. Cartuja/Huelva/Mérida
Get on E-803/A-66
10. Merge onto Ronda Supernorte/SE-020
Continue to follow SE-020
Go through 4 roundabouts
11. At the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto the SE-30 ramp to A-66/Mérida/A-49/Huelva
12. Merge onto Ronda de Circunvalación/SE-30
Continue to follow SE-30
13. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for E-803/A-66/Mérida/Portugal and merge onto E-803/A-66
Follow E-803/A-66 to EX-105 in Extremadura. Take exit 636 from E-803/A-66
14. Merge onto E-803/A-66
15. Take exit 636 for EX-105/N-630 toward Alange/Don Benito
Continue on EX-105.
16. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit
17. Follow this road up the short hill and past the first few buildings of Alange.
18. At the roman-style fountain (outside the ‘Trinidad’ hotel) bear right, and all the way down the hill to the lakeside, where you will find the Tourism Office, Balneario and plenty of parking on the left.

Here are some screen shots that may help:

If you are coming to see us – we welcome visitors – get in touch and we’ll give you directions to the house (or arrange to meet you at the tourism office)



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